Not Looking for Venture Capital

Hello, everyone.  It’s been a little while since I’ve last posted.  I’ve been busy with a couple of other projects that I’m working on.  There have been several of you who have reached out to me with questions.  I have, hopefully, answered them to your satisfaction.  As always, please feel free to drop me a line with questions, comments or concerns.  I will try to address everything with some expediency.

I want to use this blog to address something.  I’m not looking to build a business out of this open source initiative.  There have been a few venture capital companies that have reached out to me wanting to discuss opportunities to grow or expand.  I’m really not looking to do that.  The open source is backed  by my consulting company, GST Computing, LLC, but that is simply to protect me personally from lawsuits.  Before I address the specifics of venture capital, I want to talk about the reason I wrote CarsonDB in the first place.

Before CarsonDB was released, the only way you could access AVImark data was to use AVImark’s COM object (and you would need special permission to use that), or you had to an expensive cloud solution like VetData or IDEXX.  Also, if you want to use one of the big cloud solutions, you cannot have a business that conflicts with theirs.  You can just forget it if you are an independent developer writing small applications for local veterinary clinics.  I had a gentleman contact me a while back that was doing that exact thing.  CarsonDB is the only real solution he had available.

With that being said, what I am trying to accomplish doesn’t fit with the goals of a venture capital company.  The product has been developed.  I will add features and fix bugs from time to time, but there will be no significant enhancements in the foreseeable future.  I really don’t want the headaches of creating a cloud data repository or trying to manage subscriptions and things of that nature.  I don’t want to be a VetData-type company.  Of course, if someone is ambitious, they can certainly use CarsonDB to do that very thing.

There is one last thing I would like to mention.  CarsonDB will outperform any other solution in the industry that does what it does.  I will stake my reputation on that.  I am proud that this is an Open Source initiative and I am proud to bring veterinary data access to everyone, not just an elite few.


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