Version 1.0.2 Released

I discovered a bug in the “Price” table late yesterday evening. The “PriceFrom” and “PriceTo” fields were incorrectly defined as unsigned implied decimal fields instead of signed. I found this out by accident while working on a synchronization service that uses SQLite. Sometimes you look at data and realize a value is just plain wrong. I know inflation is on the rise, and there is seemingly no end in sight, but I realized rather quickly that veterinarian clinics were not charging $4 billion for anything. Of course, they were not. The price was a negative value. The code fix is simple, but it could have drastic repercussions.

If this has affected anyone, I apologize for this error. The CarsonDB library has been updated to interpret this value correctly. The unit test AVImark file generation utility has been updated as well to create values with negative amounts so that negatives are tested as well. As always, all unit tests have been ran before the source and NuGet packages were released.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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