Custom Database Veterinary Integration

I hope you have had the chance to download the source code for CarsonDB.  It is available here on GitHub.  If you are just interested in the library, you can download the NuGet package here.  My sincere hope is that it helps you with you or your company’s needs.

I have experience with other veterinary practice software packages.  If you are looking for a library written specifically for your application, I would like to talk to you.  Visit the contact page to get in touch with me.  I believe I can help you meet your goals better than any of the other company.

It may cost more initially to write (or have written for you) a software package such as this, but long term savings will be huge.  If you use a cloud data service, the other companies own the data and they lease access to you.  If you choose to write an integration or if you choose to have us help you, you will own the data.


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